We have over 20 years' experience

in providing commercial office cleaning

Office Cleaning that delivers a lasting first impression is essential for your business. We partner with you to maintain spotless working environments for your team.

A spotless working environment sits at the core building your brand and enhancing your reputation amongst staff and clients.

An inviting environment for your staff to work in aids productivity, encouraging them to excel.

We take careful consideration around the perception you want to portray to your clients and potential clients, providing the appropriate commercial office cleaning and housekeeping services.

We work seamlessly alongside your team and staff during office hours as well support outside of the normal working day.


Office Cleaning Services

Our extensive range of cleaning services includes offices, meeting and board rooms as well as reception areas and entrances.

We believe that effective communication is at the heart of our world-class service, as such, contact is regular and electronic audits are conducted every four weeks as a minimum.

Daily housekeeping and office cleaning across all settings of your business including meeting rooms, offices, reception and communal areas, help you to create an immaculate working environment.

We work at times to suit your business, with our team working diligently and discreetly during your working hours

Daily washroom cleaning and supply for both your staff and customer toilets ensures that you maintain a high level of cleanliness and hygiene.

Carpet cleaning and vacuuming of offices and meeting rooms helps to keep well maintained floor space for your staff to work in. Regular quality cleaning of carpet and flooring helps to reduce damage and prolong the lifespan of your investment.

  • High quality daily housekeeping
  • Scheduled services based around your requirements
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Washroom services
  • Consumables i.e. hand soap, paper products
  • Rapid response services for emergencies
  • Operatives that are health and safety aware
  • Operatives that can be trusted with sensitive data with DBS checks if required
  • Regular client contact with minimum 4 weekly audit process

Why Use Fidelis?

Here at Fidelis, our team is passionate and dedicated to providing world-class service to our customers. We live by our philosophy to be honest, reliable and loyal in every aspect of our business. The difference is us!

customer at Fidelis

Valuing our Customers

We value every customer at Fidelis. From bespoke solutions to our continued support throughout every stage of the process, you can be sure you're in safe hands with us.

providing training and development schemes

Valuing our Team

Without our people, we would be nothing. We pay our operatives higher than the national minimum wage as well as provide training and development schemes.

We are honest, reliable and loyal in everything we do

Our Philosophy

We are honest, reliable and loyal in everything we do. You can be sure that we will maintain a great standard of communication regarding all work undertaken.

we ensure that all work undertaken by us is to the highest standard

Our Standards

We pride ourselves on our high standards. At Fidelis, we ensure that all work undertaken by us is to the highest standard, and refuse to leave any premises less than spotless.