Why choose Fidelis? 

Jody Wright, Group Procurement and Facilities CoOrdinator at MBP, says that our professionalism has really made us stand out from our competitors. Early on in our relationship, MBP had explained their vision and what they hoped to achieve with a cleaning partner. Jody notes that we took on board all their comments and were able to fit all their wants and needs into the perfect package that still stands strong today.

What has set Fidelis apart?

As Jody puts it, “I am a big believer that communication is key to any working relationship, and all the staff at Fidelis have never failed in that area.” She goes on to say that front-line staff are always happy and cheerful, which paints an amazing picture of Fidelis management. From her perspective, a happy workforce is a sign of a successful business.

Cleaning Audit

How to sum up what Fidelis does in three words?

Clear, concise and reliable.

Building a good customer experience doesn't happen by accident, it happens by design! Fidelis work hard to deliver brilliant customer service.

Jody Wright, Group Procurement and Facilities CoOrdinator, MBP