Fidelis was chosen as a partner by management at Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School after a fair tendering process.

As part of a three-year agreement, which can be extended for three further years, our expert team now provides daily cleaning, housekeeping, periodic deep cleans and general support to the school at its historic site in Sutton Coldfield.

Why Fidelis?

Having had poor experiences with cleaning providers in the past, the school’s leadership team was keen to consider a range of prospective partners during the tendering process – and had some strong responses – but it was Fidelis that stood out.

Our clear and considered response to the client’s needs meant both parties really clicked from the beginning, and Fidelis became the clear choice for Graham Swindells, the school’s Finance Director and Business Manager.
“They listen to our needs and bring a personal touch – we’re very glad we chose them,” he said of Fidelis.

Overcoming challenges from day one

The COVID 19 pandemic gave us some immediate challenges to consider around our work with Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School.
We responded by putting together a new work plan to fit our new client’s fast-evolving requirements – it involved offering additional cleaning support while clearly explaining coronavirus policies and procedures.

Although the pandemic led to service levels at the school being increased, it was our goal throughout to help the team there to mitigate costs without compromising on the hygiene or safety of their premises at a difficult time.

It’s this considered and personal approach that has led Graham to consider Fidelis as “part of the school” just a year into the agreement.

The perfect partner for Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School

At Fidelis we take pride in being reliable and trustworthy, but also in providing a personal service and responding well to challenges. These values are what make us such an effective cleaning and support partner for Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School.

Our experience allows us to allocate operatives in the most efficient and effective way, and we’re patient and personable enough to understand that circumstances in a school like Bishop Vesey’s can change quickly.

During the pandemic, for example, the school struggled like many others in the sector to get the cleaning supplies they needed, but we were able to step in and help.

What Fidelis presented at the tender stage is exactly what we got, and it’s surprisingly rare that this happens with a supplier.
They strike the right balance of innovation and stable service delivery – a year into our partnership and we’re happier than ever.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Fidelis to others in education

Graham Swindells, Finance Director and Operations Director, Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School