We work with Fortem to provide cleaning operatives for south Birmingham, and the Orbit works (which covers a geographic area that covers addresses between Milton Keynes and Leicester, with a majority in the CV postcode). We’ve been working together on their void works since 2019. 

We work with Fortem at two stages of the process. First, it’s a question of managing voids; from internal void clearances of rubbish and recycling through to garden cutbacks, Fidelis does everything that’s needed. Then after Fortem has finished any refurbishment works that they need to complete, we do a final clean before the property is signed off by the client for reletting. 

Fortem gets a minimum of 100 voids a month in each of these contracts. In Birmingham, Fidelis does around half of them, equating to 15 void clearances and final cleans per week. For the Orbit works, it’s around 15-20 per month. And the timescales for this work are tight. Fortem usually has a week to turn around void properties, so the interior clearance needs to take no more than a working day. We’ve even worked in an emergency capacity when the end-client needed an urgent response.

Why choose Fidelis?

For Laura McHale, Quantity Surveyor for the Birmingham contract, it was the knowledge and understanding of cleaning which we can demonstrate. Fortem is driven by performance, and Fidelis already had a great track record in working with void property. 

Fortem values experience, commitment to best practice, and exemplary quality, together with a genuine partnered approach. Simon Kettle, Managing Surveyor for Fortem’s Orbit works, has been impressed by the reliable and cost-effective service which Fidelis has been able to offer.

washroom cleaning

What sets Fidelis apart?

Laura noted that with good processes and procedures in place here at Fidelis, everyone knows what is needed and how to deliver it. She’s been impressed how we never put Fortem on the back foot; for instance, if staff absences meant that we can’t deliver, we’re not afraid of providing bad news that we can’t take on the job in the first place. With our consistent, constructive performance, Fortem continues to invest in the relationship. 

How to sum up what Fidelis does in three words?

Laura thought: “Knowledgeable, consistent, transparent”

Simon thought: “Communicative, cost-efficient, reliable”

Fidelis have always provided an efficient service, and delivery of works has always been completed on time and to the highest standards

Simon Kettle, Managing Surveyor