Are your Grounds and Car Parks prepared for the Winter Weather?

With the winter months comes strong winds, freezing temperatures, snow, ice and lots of rain. We all know of these elements can cause hazardous and dangerous conditions for people – highlighting the importance of Winter Grounds Maintenance.

We have seen first hand how quickly the winter weather can cause sites to become a health and safety risk for employees and visitors.

By taking simple precautions, you can easily ensure your site can remain safe and open for business throughout the winter.

Our Grounds Maintenance team provide a variety of services that can help you to achieve this.


Gritting and Snow Clearance

 We provide dedicated grounds maintenance services during the Winter months to help you ensure that your outdoor areas, pavements and access points are safe and clear to use.

Comprehensive gritting and snow clearance of car parks, pavements and reception areas will help you to remain open for business during bad weather.

Using tailored MET office alerts our team to forward plan and facilitate target delivery of service.


Winter Deep Clean

We can also provide Deep Clean services to cover both the interior and exterior of your site.

Clearing your site, delivery areas and car parks of any blockages in drains and guttering reduces the risk of flooding, something that has become very prevalent already this year for many businesses due to an increase in rainfall.

Winter Grounds Maintenance - Gutter cleaning and leaf clearance Winter Grounds Maintenance - Clear gutters prevent car park flooding

If you would like to discuss how our Grounds Maintenance and Deep Clean team can help you keep you outdoor areas safe and open for business, we would be more than happy to help.


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