For a cleaning company such as Fidelis, it’s especially important to think about the chemicals that we’re using. They’ve got to be effective, both in terms of delivering safety and consistency of finish. And they’ve got to be safe for the ecology, as most often they will be flushed down the drain. We’ve researched the issues carefully, and we’ve taken steps towards improving our approach. In this blog, we’re looking at the efficacy and environmental credentials of the cleaning products we use. 

Colour-coded cleaning reduces risks for our clients

It’s worth taking a step back to understand the importance of having a range of approaches to cleaning in different areas of a building. In the UK, the British Institute of Cleaning Science developed a universal code for cleaning in the late 1990s. The code it developed supported the National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA’s) National Colour Coding System. It relies on four core colours: red, blue, green, and yellow.  

This helps to ensure the highest standards of infection control and prevent cross contamination. For most of our clients, two colours encompass most of their work areas; red covers washrooms, toilets and floors, while blue is for lower-risk areas. Meanwhile, green is for food preparation and catering zones, and yellow is for clinical isolation areas.  

Cleaning products that are effective and safe to use 

We deploy a minimal product family of safe and easily understood chemicals and agents from Clover. We use these high-quality products to complete tasks in all areas relevant to the specification. The chemicals are well known to us and our operatives. They feature easy pictorial instruction labels which matches our colour coding standards and processes.  

These products are highly effective in providing a safe and consistent finish. Focusing on washrooms, we use FreshnIT, ScaleIT, and SinkIT. Our multi-surface cleaner is CleanIT, while we can properly clean all hard flooring with FloorIT. For the toughest of jobs, we’ll use additional degreasers and equipment where required and as approved by the customer. We also deploy Clover’s specialist viricidal and bactericidal UltraAX disinfectant where we need to pay particular attention to infection control.  

Environmentally friendly chemicals that flush down the drain 

We’re committed to avoiding harmful chemicals. Since we use a single range of Clover cleaning products, we keep the handling of chemicals simple. All chemicals supplied are environmentally friendly and comply with the COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) Regulations. All our cleaning operatives receive extensive COSHH training as part of their induction. This means we can also restrict our use of disposable PPE, as we ensure there is no damage to our operatives’ skin or hands. Only in decontamination cases will our operatives have to dispose of their PPE after a single use. 

What’s more, we’re comfortable that Clover Chemicals is itself a company that cares for the environment. A commitment to fully comply with environmental legislation enables Clover to identify areas where the environmental impact of their operations can be reduced, and to plan and implement appropriate action. And they also hold ISO 14001, Environmental Management. This kitemark is the international standard that specifies requirements for an effective environmental management system (EMS).

Everything we do helps with environmental management 

Here at Fidelis, we’re focused on doing the right thing, both for our clients and for the environment. Our parent company holds ISO 14001, Environmental Management – and we’re working towards achieving this in our own right by the end of the year. As a holder of ISO 14001, we’ll continuously work to improve our own environmental performance through more efficient use of resources and reduction of waste. We’re developing an enhanced environmental policy that reflects our commitments and established a robust EMS.  

We’re all now more aware of the impact that we have on the environment as individuals and companies. The current COP26 talks in Glasgow show how improving the environment is a primary global concern. Of course, there’s a difference between carbon reduction and other elements of environmental planning. But it’s important to look at every element of sustainability when it comes to corporate culture. That’s one of the reasons that we use Clover products as the backbone of our cleaning. As the saying goes, there’s No Planet B. 

To find out more about Fidelis Group and our approach to using effective and environmentally friendly chemicals, contact one of the team today. 

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