Why is regular Grounds Maintenance important?

How often do you have your grounds and outdoor areas maintained? In this blog, we have shared our insight into why regular grounds maintenance is so important for businesses in all sectors. 

When it comes to maintenance, many businesses have effective and regular cleaning in place to ensure their offices, reception areas, washrooms and shop floors  are always clean and immaculate to make a great impression.  

However, something that a lot of businesses can forget to take into consideration is the importance of ground maintenance. 


First Impressions Count 

With your grounds being the first area that clients and visitors see, this is often where they will form their first impression and if your site is looking a bit disheveled and unkempt, this could lead to a negative impression which is often difficult to break. 

If it has been a while since you last had your car park cleaned, grass cut and your site isn’t looking its best, it’s time to consider what your site may be saying about you. 

Through regular visits to your site, we can ensure that your outdoor areas are always looking their best so you can make the very best impression possible. 


Maintaining the highest level of safety 

Although regular grounds maintenance is a great way to keep your grounds looking neat and tidy, it is a lot more than just appearance. 

Regular grounds maintenance helps to keep your site clear and maintain the highest level of safety, protecting your clients, visitors and staff from accidents and injuries from things such as loose paving, slippery surfaces and other risks that occur when outdoor areas are left uncared for.

Through simply implementing regular and effective grounds maintenance services, this can give you peace of mind and ensure your are in line with all health and safety guidelines. 


Reducing the risk of issues and additional costs 

We can visit our clients’ sites weekly or monthly, to help them achieve a more proactive approach to their maintenance.

We find that many businesses are more ‘reactive’ with their grounds maintenance, only enlisting the help of a professional when they have experienced an issue and need help rectifying it. 

A common example of this is drainage and guttering. 

Many businesses can overlook this and when left unmaintained, they can very easily become blocked, resulting in flooding in areas such as their car park, pathways, delivery yards and around the perimeter of buildings. This damage is often costly to fix and can also create a number of health and safety issues. 

Through being more proactive and enlisting the help of a grounds maintenance contractor, they will be able to help spot potential problems early on so that they can be addressed in order to reduce risks and prevent additional work and costs.


Protecting your investment 

Your premises are an essential part of your business; it’s where your staff come to work, your clients and prospects come to visit you and is the hub of everything that goes into your business, so maintaining it both structurally and aesthetically is imperative. 

Any work you have done on your site to improve both how it looks and functions is an investment. Whether that is an entire refurbishment of your site to keep it modern and in line with your brand and image, or simply having a new car park laid to facilitate more spaces. 

Regular grounds maintenance helps to protect this investment, keeping these new features clean and well maintained, preventing any potential damage and increasing its life, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

As specialist in grounds maintenance, we partner with our clients to provide a variety of services throughout the year to ensure their outdoor areas are always clean and safe.

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