Why choose Fidelis for industrial cleaning? 

The UK is often characterised as an economy dominated by services; indeed, service-sector companies do account for 79% of economic output. Yet although it’s a smaller part of the economy, there are thousands of dynamic and successful businesses in manufacturing and industry. Of course, this is a bit of an artificial distinction, as ‘industry’ itself relies on ‘services’ to keep operating. Take cleaning services. Manufacturing and industrial companies need high-quality, specialist cleaning of intricate equipment and complex facilities to meet health and safety legislation and product standards. In this blog, we’re going to look at why manufacturing and other industrial companies should choose Fidelis for their industrial cleaning.  

Manufacturing and industry in the UK 

The UK is the ninth-largest manufacturing nation in the world, according to UN data. As a Midlands-based company, we know that the East and West Midlands form the heart of UK manufacturing. The region has long been known for automotive products, from consumer cars and black cabs to tanks and plant machinery. World-leading companies include Jaguar Land Rover, Rolls-Royce, Tarmac, Bombardier and Toyota UK. But the Midlands is also home to businesses of all sizes producing food and drink, cookware, carpets, clothing, furniture, tools, and technology. With its bustling network of small- to medium-sized manufacturers, the region accounts for around a fifth of all UK manufacturing output.  

Whether in the Midlands or further afield in the UK, there’s one key consideration which we always focus on here at Fidelis. For manufacturing, engineering and industrial companies to continue to compete globally, they must keep their facilities clean and their workers safe. Cleanliness has always been of huge importance to the sector. Companies must do everything they can to avoid downtime caused by inefficient machinery, failed health and safety inspections, or worker accidents. Since forming in 2011, we’ve proudly provided manufacturing businesses across England and Wales with a range of commercial cleaning and facility support services.  

What Fidelis does and how we do it 

From daily conformance and housekeeping to periodic planned deep cleans, we’ll keep facilities safe, compliant, and hygienic. We’ll minimise disruption to your business. If we do need to help with shutdown, regular maintenance, or specific heavy clean works, we’ll get you back up and running in the shortest possible time. Whether it’s the manufacturing facilities themselves or the warehouse, we’ve got you covered. Our buildings daily cleaning and caretaker services cover window and cladding cleaning, washroom services and consumables, and pest control and grounds maintenance.  

In terms of the more specialist work we do, we’re experts in confined space cleaning. We can go both high and low. Our high-level cleaning teams are qualified to use specialist equipment such as mobile elevating work platforms (‘cherry-pickers and booms), harness and fall arrest lanyards. For floor cleaning, we can use specialist treatments for clearing up spillages, even in heavy industrial settings. To meet legal standards on health and safety, we can carry out permit to work cleans and clear contaminated waste. And we have a range of specialist qualifications, including inspections, auditing lifting operations and lifting equipment, and safe handling of pesticide applications. 

Our success is thanks to our people and our professionalism 

We’re particularly proud of how successful we’ve been in keeping industrial facilities clean, safe and compliant. We know from our extensive experience that it takes more than just specialist products and equipment to do this. The unrivalled service we provide also relies on amazing people – and our team is filled with them. We pay our operatives higher than the national minimum wage, as well as providing training and development schemes. And we have an excellent record of long service amongst our staff.  

With each client, we’re keen to make our work a case study of excellent cleaning and facility support service. The range of testimonials that we have from clients in the sector speaks to this, including manufacturers of automotive and aerospace defence systems, and steel, titanium and aluminium production. What’s more, as we work on longer-term contracts, we look at every new client as a partnership. We’ll go the extra mile to meet your organisation’s needs, even if you have unique characteristics to your business.  

Industrial cleaning in the pandemic and beyond 

Of course, Covid-19 is still an unavoidable part of UK life. Many manufacturing companies kept going throughout successive lockdowns. Looking locally, we’re proud that the Midlands played an important part in the UK’s battle against Covid-19, too, with Keele University being only one of two British sites to manufacture the AstraZeneca vaccine. Even so, across the UK, forced factory closures and lower demand meant that output fell 4.2% in the year to February 2021 on official figures. 

The UK’s manufacturing sector is recovering well. But it’s crucial that infections are kept under control in high-footfall workspaces such as manufacturing plants. Therefore, it’s more important than ever to have effective industrial cleaning strategies in place. To achieve that, an experienced, reliable cleaning partner can help. As well as our regular daily conformance cleans, we can provide twice daily infection control services, to make industrial workplaces Covid-secure. It’s another reason why manufacturers choose Fidelis for their industrial cleaning.  

To find out more about Fidelis Group and our approach to industrial cleaning, contact one of the team today. 

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