Our parent company, the REACT Group, is running a Platinum Jubilee-themed competition. They’re asking what might seem like a simple question: how many cleaning operatives are employed to maintain Buckingham Palace to Her Majesty’s royal standards? But when you do the maths, it’s quite an undertaking. The palace has a staggering 775 rooms spread across 828,821 square feet, including 52 royal and guest bedrooms, 188 staff bedrooms, 92 offices, 78 bathrooms, and 19 state rooms.  

Retirement villages require a range of cleaning services 

Of course, most of us don’t have a palace to keep clean. But as the old saying goes, “an Englishperson’s home is their castle.” And for people in retirement villages, it’s especially important to think about cleaning their castles. Here at Fidelis, we provide a suite of services spanning housekeeping through to grounds maintenance. Working closely with market leaders in this sector, our team collaborates with housing providers from an initial build stage through to completion. Initially, we can focus on daily housekeeping for marketing suites, show homes and offices, so we create a memorable first impression for prospective clients.  

The nature and breadth of our services evolve as progress is made towards to the completion and opening of each village, continuing with ongoing facilities management and cleaning services. Working alongside the provider from an early stage of a site, we advise and form a bespoke package of works that is tailored to all requirements. That way, we ensure an excellent level of cleanliness from the outset which is sustainable and cost effective is imperative. 

Think of our operatives as an extension of your team 

We understand that it takes a certain operative with personable characteristics to service the retirement villages in our portfolio. The operatives must not only be highly trained, but also be personable and reliable for the ultimate customer experience. Fidelis supports this with DBS clearance checks to ensure resident safety and peace of mind. 

As one manager at Extra Care Village put it: “The housekeeping team at Fidelis are first class and the levels of professional customer care are outstanding. Fidelis team members have been commended for their interaction with our residents, which is a great compliment to the ongoing professional attitude of operatives and management at Fidelis.” 

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