What we cover with regular and reactive cleaning in manufacturing

Modern-day manufacturing is hugely different from the way industry looked in previous generations. With state-of-the-art IT controlling delicate machinery, it’s all about precision rather than scale. Not only is there a focus on health and safety, but there’s a lot less mess. But effective cleaning still plays a key part in providing a safe and healthy workplace to protect the welfare and morale of employees and visitors alike. In this blog, we’re looking at how Fidelis and our sister companies in the REACT Group have the requisite skills to deliver the best in cleaning across the manufacturing sector.

Keeping manufacturing clean in the UK

The UK is characterised as a ‘service economy.’ Yet we shouldn’t underestimate the importance of manufacturing to the UK: the country remains the ninth-largest manufacturing nation in the world. And as a Midlands-based company, we know that the East and West Midlands form the heart of UK manufacturing. From automotive products, tools, and technology to food and drink, cookware, carpets, clothing, and furniture, Midlands manufacturing is a powerhouse. With its bustling network of small- to medium-sized manufacturers, the region accounts for around a fifth of all UK manufacturing output.

If there’s an area of cleaning that requires a specialist approach, it’s modern-day manufacturing, with high value-added machinery needing careful handling. Keeping this equipment clean is essential to its smooth running, and feeds into sustainability goals as clean equipment is more energy efficient. Yet some parts of the manufacturing process are still dirty and produce potentially hazardous materials. So manufacturers also need specially trained operatives to do work such as confined space cleaning and waste removal.

Investing in cleaning and planning it right

Here at Fidelis, we have years of experience of cleaning in the manufacturing and industrial sector. We always encourage manufacturing clients to treat cleaning as an investment in the development of their business, rather than seeing it only as an unavoidable cost. With the right cleaning strategy and expertise, manufacturers can also project a professional image to customers.

We plan all our projects thoroughly before we undertake any work. A site survey identifies what is specifically required, highlights problem areas, and ensures compliance with health and safety standards. This creates efficiencies in both time and money, and it means we can be proactive to the longer-term challenges you may encounter. Daily or weekly housekeeping services ensure workspaces remain in great, work-friendly condition. Our deep cleaning services restore spaces to their immaculate best, while we’ve also got the expertise to deliver more specialist cleaning (including confined-space cleaning). But we also know that sometimes, you’ll need to respond when things don’t go according to plan.

An effective cleaning strategy therefore involves regular cleaning (including daily conformance cleaning for infection control, and less frequent deep cleaning), and reactive cleaning. The precise schedule of cleaning will depend on several factors, such as the size of your premises, number of employees, frequency of visitors, and what your site does.

Keeping people safe with daily conformance cleans

With so much at stake when it comes to conforming to regulations, it’s simply not worth cutting corners. This proved to be especially important during the Covid-19 pandemic before premises reopened and teams came fully back to work.

We partner with you to assess potential risks posed by infectious diseases to advise on what you require to maintain a safe workplace for your employees. We can also undertake decontamination cleans of all surfaces, equipment, touch points, toilets, washrooms, showers, where there has been a confirmed infectious disease outbreak in the workplace.

Industrial deep cleans, even in hard-to-reach areas

Fidelis works with many customers within the light and heavy industrial sectors. We are specialists in confined space, deep cleaning, manufacturing and heavy industrial deep cleans for shutdown, regular maintenance, and specific heavy clean works. We help you with your industrial cleaning needs, providing periodic deep cleans and kitchen deep cleaning.

We can provide deep cleaning as part of a planned preventive maintenance schedule, even in the hardest-to-reach areas of a manufacturing or industrial facility. For instance, with high-level cleaning, we can help to ensure that pipework, ductwork, and cladding are well maintained. Our high-level cleaning services also include guttering and the exterior of buildings, including cladding. Using specialist tools and environmentally friendly materials, our aim is to ensure that you maintain operations and comply with health and safety legislation. And our deep cleaning operatives hold a range of certifications and qualifications to give you the confidence that we will get the job done properly.

Reactive manufacturing sector cleaning in a crisis

However good your business strategy and your cleaning schedule, sometimes things do go wrong. Whether it’s caused by electrical failure, extreme weather, or human error, manufacturing companies may face situations that require emergency cleaning. Our sister company, REACT Specialist Cleaning, can provide just the services you need. Whether it’s dealing with a hazardous waste spillage, limiting flood and sewage damage, or clearing up after a fire, they’re on hand to help.

Take hazardous waste spillage. Many manufacturers use substances governed by COSHH regulations (The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health). A spillage of any COSHH-controlled substance often requires a specialist response to handle the clean-up and remove the waste which this generates. These situations require the fastest levels of response and competency. REACT can arrive around the clock within four hours, to make impacted areas safe in the shortest possible time. They’ll liaise with emergency services and government bodies where necessary. Specialist PPE combined with advanced materials and technology enable cleaning operatives to resolve the situation thoroughly. After all, a crisis situation requires nothing but the best.

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Post by Chris Ryan

Chris is Commercial Manager at Fidelis Group, a business which stays true to providing cleaning and related property services to the commercial and industrial sector. Having joined Fidelis in March 2022, Chris has a strong management background in FM and cleaning services. He works to help Fidelis become a partner of choice within the commercial and industrial cleaning sector.

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