Washroom Cleaning: Mitigating risks & maintaining the highest cleaning standards 

Having effective, robust and frequent cleaning of your washroom facilities is essential to mitigate health and safety risks, protect your staff and visitors and maintain an excellent reputation. 

With this in mind, do you feel confident in the current level of cleaning you receive and the frequency it is conducted within your washroom facilities? 

Washrooms are spaces within organisations that undergo frequent daily use and due to the nature of these spaces, they can become high risk areas for health and safety. 

It is crucial you have a robust strategy in place to maintain a spotless and hygienic washroom facility, which involves professional and innovative cleaning processes, regular quality inspections and the restocking of consumables. 

Covid Secure Cleaning

It is clear that in the current climate, your washrooms can quickly become hotspots for the spread of infection and bacteria.

Working alongside an experienced cleaning contractor who can provide quality, professional cleaning frequently throughout the day is crucial in achieving around the clock conformance and mitigating the risks. 

This is essential across all sectors, but particularly within education we know that school washroom facilities are subject to intense daily use. 

As schools are now welcoming students back, it is vital they have processes in place that will maintain the highest levels of safety and infection control in these spaces. 

Our team can work with your school or business to provide tailored, expert advice and arrange regular decontamination of these spaces. 

Day-to-day use 

Moving away from Covid-19, washrooms continue to be high risk areas in typical day-to-day running for organisations, again from a hygiene standpoint but also from a safety and first impressions point of view. 

Ensuring that your washrooms are maintained to a high standard is essential, in order to reduce the risk of slips, build up of waste and odours; all of which present safety risks. 

But equally, your premises and facilities are an extension of your brand and if they are not well maintained or presented, this will reflect negatively on your business. 

Having well stocked consumables is again essential to help you make a great impression, whilst also providing users with everything they need to use the spaces in the most practical and hygienic manner. 

Through our washroom services, we can support you in maintaining safe, spotless and well stocked washrooms. 

Approaches to cleaning

It is clear that the regular and effective cleaning of your washrooms is critical and in order to achieve this, your cleaning provider should be using only the best approaches and methods. 

At Fidelis, we pride ourselves on having developed some of the best processes within the industry, in order to maintain the highest standards and levels of cleanliness for our clients.

This includes our Colour Coding System, which is a simple process we use to reduce the risk of cross contamination. 

Using a washroom as an example, you will have a number of supplies that you will use within your washroom, including cleaning equipment, clothes and cleaning chemicals.

Without a clear and effective system in place, it can be very easy for contamination to take place across your washrooms, but also into other areas of your site by using the same equipment and materials in different spaces. 

Through our approach and Colour Coding System, we are able to easily mitigate these risks which will vastly improve the levels of hygiene and cleanliness. 

Does your existing cleaning provider have innovative processes in place like this, to provide you with the best possible service and support you in maintaining the safest washroom facilities? 

If not, now is the time to make the switch and partner with a cleaning provider who can meet all of your needs.

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