Understanding your cleaning requirements: How we are supporting and educating organisations

We have previously discussed the importance of understanding cleaning requirements and guidance, to ensure you are actually conforming in the current climate  In this blog, we discuss this further and how we help to educate and support organisations across a variety of sectors. .

As specialists in cleaning and conformance, we have been supporting our clients through reviewing their existing processes and educating them on the requirements, which has enabled them to create conforming and Covid Secure workspaces. 

But this isn’t something new for Fidelis. 

Unlike others in the industry, we have always taken a more consultative approach when working with clients. 

We spend time talking to the client, to allow us to truly understand how they use their space, so we can determine the services they actually require to meet their needs. 

Our consultative approach also aims to help educate the client on the requirements they need to meet and the changes that are needed to their cleaning processes and procedures to ensure they are meeting them and maintaining the cleanest and safest site possible. 


Cleaning Requirements and Audits

An important part of supporting and educating the client is our site assessments and cleaning audits. 

During the initial stages of working with a client, we will work to assess their site and review their existing processes, helping us to understand and identify where improvements and efficiencies need to be made.

This process of course now also involves considerations around Covid Secure workspaces, as well as your more traditional services such as window cleaning, carpet cleaning and daily housekeeping.

Taking this consultative approach enables us to have a clear and open discussion with the client, to ensure they are getting the best value, whilst receiving a quality service that helps them to meet all requirements, both sector specific, health and safety specific and Covid-19 specific. 

The assessment and audit may even highlight areas where the client has perhaps been investing too much. This could be investing in the wrong types of services for the space, or conducting the services more frequently than is actually needed.

Through working with them to take a more intelligent approach to the type of services and the frequency they are conducted in the space, we can support them in getting more out of their cleaning. 


Continuous Improvement

It is also important to note that these assessments and reviews do not just take place during the initial stages of our work with clients. They are ongoing, taking place at regular times throughout their contract, typically conducted every 4-6 weeks. 

Our contracts manager will visit the client and walk around the site with them, reviewing all of the areas within the building to provide a full building audit, to ensure the client is happy and feels that standards are being met. 

We are continually looking for any areas where improvements are needed to maintain the highest standards and conformance for the client. 

We pride ourselves on educating the client on their true needs for cleaning, helping them to understand the requirements and how with effective and intelligent cleaning, they can ensure they are always conforming.

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