Did you know that clutter can make it harder to think? It’s true: studies have found that a messy and cluttered environment is distracting and can lower your work and academic performance.

One consequence of this is that classrooms should be kept clean and tidy to help keep students focused on the lesson and not on the clutter around them.

However, it can be difficult to keep classrooms clean with so many students using them every day. Don’t worry though, because in this post, we’ll go over a few things you can do to keep your classrooms neat and tidy.

Have students help

A good way to keep a classroom tidy is by having students help with the cleaning. This also has the added bonus of teaching children responsibility.

At the most basic level, students should be expected to put their own rubbish in the bin and leave their chair and table tidy. At a slightly more advanced level, teachers could organise a class cleaning at the end of each class, where students pick up litter and straighten chairs and tables.

Organise a cleaning rota

A cleaning rota can be a good idea, especially for primary school students. Here, each student is allotted a day when they are responsible for tidying the classroom. The teacher could even put a calendar on the wall with the names of the students so it’s clear whose day it is to clean.

Create classroom rules

All schools should have a set of rules and policies that students must follow. One idea is to add a rule about keeping the classroom clean. This makes your expectations about tidiness clear to students. You can also use the classroom rules to explicitly forbid things like graffiti.

Cut down on sources of mess

Don’t allow students to eat during lessons. Food should be banned in classes and lectures, not just because of the distracting noise and smell, but also the mess it can create.

You might also want to prohibit drinks in the classroom (except water, of course). This can help avoid sticky stains. After all, if a student spills a can of coke, it can create a sticky mess that’s hard to clean.

Replace carpets with vinyl

Many schools have carpets, even though carpets are difficult to clean. Thick carpets in particular attract dust and germs. By swapping thick carpets for thin carpets or even vinyl, it will make the task of cleaning much easier.

Hire a professional cleaning company

Most schools and universities hire their own cleaners or janitors to keep classrooms clean. But why not consider hiring a professional cleaning company instead?

Professional cleaning companies can be a perfect way to keep your classrooms clean. The cleaners can come to your premises at a time suitable to you. What’s more, you can feel safe knowing that trained and professional cleaners are on the job.

If you’re looking for a cleaning company for your educational establishment, why not consider Fidelis? We have lots of experience with working with schools and universities. We also fully understand the importance of a clean and safe educational environment.

If you’d like to know more about our services for educational establishments, visit our site or call us. We would love to hear from you!

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