Keeping washrooms clean isn’t easy. Once a washroom is clean, it’s unlikely to stay that way for very long, especially you’re a shop or restaurant with a high volume of traffic or a company with a lot of employees.

The cleanliness of your company’s washroom is important however – not just for the health and wellbeing of your employees and customers, but for the sake of your company’s reputation too. That’s because your washroom is a part of your company’s image.

To help you keep your washroom spick and span, in this post, we’ll give a few tips about how to stay on top of cleaning a public washroom.


Get the right tools for the job

Good cleaning starts with the right tools. This means you need to have all the basic cleaning products – cloths, disinfecting sprays, and bleach, for example – as well as the things unique to cleaning washrooms, such as toilet bowl brushes. Also, make sure to stay well stocked in cleaning supplies so you don’t unexpectedly run out.


Use experienced staff

Try to not change the staff members who clean the washrooms. The staff who regularly clean your washrooms are already experienced in doing it, there’s no sense in putting an inexperienced staff member on the job instead.


Perform a biannual deep clean

It’s a good idea to perform a deep clean of your washrooms at least twice a year to ensure maximum cleanliness. A deep clean should involve washing every area of the washroom thoroughly, including the walls, floors and fixtures.


Use the right chemicals

Always use the correct cleaning products to ensure you’re cleaning safely and effectively. Make sure to always read the label and to keep the washroom well-ventilated while you’re cleaning it.


Use a checklist

Many employers find it useful for their employees to follow a checklist when it comes to cleaning washrooms. A checklist helps to keep employees focused and ensures they don’t forget anything.


Check all the fixtures often

It’s worth checking all your washroom fixtures often to make sure that they work and that they’re fully stocked. For example, remember to check the that the toilet paper dispensers have toilet roll and soap dispensers have soap. And if you notice that something is broken, like a hand dryer or a lightbulb, then get it repaired quickly.


Hire a professional cleaning company

Our final tip to you is to consider hiring a professional cleaning company. A professional cleaning company can save you a lot of time and effort when it comes to cleaning washrooms. These types of companies are fully trained in all things cleaning-related and usually have a lot of experience in cleaning washrooms.


If you’re looking for a professional cleaning company, why not consider Fidelis? We can provide an outstanding washroom service as well as ensure all consumables are of high-quality and consistently in stock. We live by our philosophy to be honest, reliable and loyal in every aspect of our business, including cleaning washrooms. If you’d like to know more, contact us on 0845 43 10 382.

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