Timegate – Timekeeping and Attendance

Timgate - timekeeping and attendance

Real time reporting through our Innovise©Timegate software allows us to manage individual sites across the whole of our business giving us the advantage and opportunity to:


Reduced Costs of operation 

By automating the planning, the capture of time & attendance, as well as the associated salary calculations (including even the most complicated of pay rules), we have ensured accuracy prevails across our business.


Increased flexibility and productivity 

Giving our experienced management team all the information that they need enables them to make more informed decisions. We can now plan and react quickly to unexpected demands as a result of this new level of transparent data. Our Workforce utilisation has dramatically increased and our business has become significantly more agile.


Cutting the risk of non-compliance

By eliminating doubt and proving compliance and forcing adherence, our Timegate workforce management software has enabled us to demonstrate that compliance obligations have been met thus satisfying you through our auditing systems and Administration processes.


Satisfied Customers 

As a direct result of the implementation of the technology, client satisfaction has significantly improved as direct result of the level of communication and insights Timegate delivers.


Happy Employees 

The introduction of the platform has increased and improved employee engagement throughout the organisation. We have developed a tool that our front line teams wantto use and that provides and boosts motivation in our people.

Advanced Administrative and Service Support 

We have significantly improved the productivity of our administration and service team, revised workflows mean their time helping our front line people, as well as servicing requests from clients has all got a lot easier. Timegate reduces complexity, removes the need for paper and presents all the data on a screen. They have been able to reduce time on tasks by 90% and speed up response times by 75%.