We pride ourselves on the service we provide our clients and our Contract Managers play a vital role in helping us achieve this, supporting our clients and providing the best possible quality of service and duty of care. 

In this blog we discuss the benefits that our Contract Managers bring to our clients, helping to highlight the importance of working with an experienced and trusted cleaning contractor who offers this level of service. 

Regular communication with Contract Managers

Our Contract Managers are the first port of call for our clients and are in daily communication with both client contacts and our operatives. 

With a focus on building a strong working relationship and always facilitating a two-way conversation with the client, we have a thorough understanding of how they operate and their requirements. 

High quality frequent communication means that our Contract Managers are always on hand to answer any queries and quickly and efficiently resolve any issues should they occur. 

Ensuring the client is always happy and that their needs are being met is a key focus for our Contract Managers and they will go above and beyond to ensure this is achieved. 

Through their communication, they keep clients up-to-date on progress and any changes, so they are always aware of what they can expect. 

Efficient Delivery of Service

Another key responsibility of our Contract Managers is ensuring that everything runs smoothly, taking the stress away from the client. 

They keep our cleaning operative team informed on any new changes to be implemented to the types of services provided, frequency they are conducted and other changes based on the clients’ requirements and/or the results of their regular site audits

Ensuring services are being delivered consistently in line with the contract agreement is an essential part of their role. The site audits they conduct with our clients help to identify any areas where improvements can be made, to raise standards even further.

Going above and beyond

Our Contract Managers are passionate about what they do, looking after our people and customers, whilst also striving to ensure we deliver a world class service. 

This often sees them going above and beyond their duties to support the client. 

This is exemplified when our clients’ are preparing for senior management or prospective clients are visiting their site and require additional support in a short timeframe.

Our Contracts Managers ensure these extra measures and fine details are addressed and will even visit the site themselves to ensure the site is spotless and every small detail is covered. 

We are proud to have a great team of Contract Managers working within the Fidelis family who really do everything they can to support our clients. 

We have always believed that our people are what enables us to deliver the world class service we have become renowned for and our Contract Managers play a pivotal role in this. 

They are not just a point of contact for the client, they become part of your team and an extension of your business with a great understanding of how you work and your wants and needs, to provide a level of service that is unparalleled. 

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