Supporting you with Return to Work Cleaning

Are you beginning to think about how you can safely welcome more of your team back into the workplace over the coming months? Return to Work Cleaning is essential.

Throughout 2020, we saw many businesses integrate new working practices to protect the safety of both their staff and clients. For some this meant moving the entire workforce to remote working and for others it meant taking a split workforce approach, allowing a limited amount of their team into the workplace at any given time.

No matter what approach you took during the pandemic, with a vaccine now on the horizon, many organisations are now beginning to look at and plan how they can safely welcome more of their staff back into the workplace over the coming year. 

Having an effective cleaning strategy in place is essential to ensure the safest and smoothest return to work for you, your team and clients. 

Without the knowledge and training on cross contamination and infection control, use of cleaning materials and processes, you will not be conforming to what is now required.

This is why seeking professional expertise and advice is essential to ensure that your buildings are safe, clean and compliant and to significantly reduce the risks.

In this blog we discuss the ways in which we can support you with return to work cleaning. 

Compliance, Conformance, Audits

As specialists in cleaning and conformance, we can work with you to create and implement a cleaning strategy that covers all areas of your site, from typical cleaning services to maintain the overall cleanliness and appearance of your site, through to Covid Secure services to ensure around the clock conformance. 

Through our consultative approach, we can help to educate you on all of the requirements, conduct an audit of your existing site and measures, and highlight the changes that are needed to your cleaning processes, to ensure you are meeting these requirements.

We can also continue to support you after introducing these new measures through our regular audits. 

When working with a client, we assign a Contract Manager who will look after your entire site and the team working on your site. They will also be on hand to support you with whatever needs you may have and liaise with you for these audits to be conducted on a regular basis. 

These audits will help to ensure requirements are continuing to be met and will enable you and our team to identify any areas where standards may have slipped and improvements need to be made, so you have complete peace of mind that you are maintaining the cleanest and safest site possible.

Introducing additional Return to Work Cleaning Measures

Many organisations are under the impression that their spaces are clean and in line with guidelines, but there is a stark difference between clean and conforming.

In order to achieve ‘Around the Clock’ conformance, it is essential that you have introduced additional measures, but more importantly that these measures are appropriate and effective based on how you use the spaces across your site. 

Our approach focuses on combining your regular and existing cleaning processes with additional precautionary services at key times throughout the working day, to ensure health and safety conformance at all times. 

These additional measures include additional sanitisation, frequent cleaning of high touch points and other services to reduce the risks and prevent the spread of infection. 

Deep Cleans & Contaminations Cleans

Despite introducing additional measures, it is still vital that your business conducts thorough, deep cleans of your entire site at key periodical times.

We can work with you to determine the best time to have these deep cleans conducted at your site throughout the year, to help you continue maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene 

Our deep cleaning services are ideal to help those based within the manufacturing sector to maintain equipment and improve efficiencies, but also all other sectors to keep their site clean and conforming. 

Our specialist teams will across all areas of your site, including those that are used on a daily basis such as your offices, washrooms, kitchens and reception areas, but also all of those hard to reach areas that can easily be overlooked. 

If you would like to find out more about how we can support you, we would be happy to discuss this and get the ball rolling on creating and implementing an effective cleaning strategy that

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