School Cleaning : Creating an environment where students can flourish

Now more than ever, maintaining the highest level of cleanliness and creating a space where students feel safe and can flourish has never been so important. 

As we emerge from the pandemic and more schools are set to begin bringing back more of their students, it is vital your school has reviewed your cleaning procedures and has looked at implementing new processes to achieve this. 

It has been discussed how schools may have to look at bringing back selected year groups on set days or for a set amount of time throughout the school week. This is an attempt to ensure all students are having contact time with their teachers and then continue their learning from home to help schools continue to be Covid Secure spaces. 

If this will be the case, the time they actually spend in school is even more precious than before and so their learning environment needs to not only be clean, but also be comfortable and practical to support their learning. 

We also know that many students will have a lot of catching up to do, so it is vital that the learning environment is set up in a way that enables them to concentrate with limited distractions. 

Spotless classrooms, laboratories, communal areas and corridors are crucial to create a welcoming and productive learning environment for both students and teaching staff alike. 

Working alongside an experienced and trusted cleaning contractor such as ourselves will help to ensure you are fully prepared and ready for when the new school year begins. 

Our team of operatives can work with you to ensure all areas across your school estate are clean and safe spaces for your students to learn. 

We can work with you to relieve the pressures of cleaning up after students from your staff, whose time is far too valuable to waste being spent on this area. 

Our operatives can work alongside you during teaching hours and both before and after school, to ensure your premises are immaculate and continue to be Covid Secure for the safety of both your staff, students and their families. 

If you would like to discuss your needs with us as you prepare to go back to school, we are happy to share our advice with you and arrange for a visit to help assess your needs.


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