Maintaining a Clean and Safe Environment in the Education Sector

With years of experience in the education sector, we understand just how important regular and effective cleaning is within schools to maintain a clean and safe environment for staff, students and visitors. 

Simply due to the nature of this sector, school estates are subject to intense daily use and high footfall during term time and with this heavy use comes increased wear and tear. This is why regular, comprehensive and effective commercial cleaning is so vital in helping to maintain a safe and clean environment. 

We offer a variety of cleaning services that cover all areas of your school estate, whilst also helping to ensure Ofsted compliance. 

Communal Areas 

Communal areas such as hallways, study areas and locker spaces are all areas where footfall is especially high and with this heavy use, these spaces and particularly the flooring in these spaces can very quickly become dirty. This makes them unsafe and can increase the risk of accidents such as slips and falls. 

Regular cleaning can help to mitigate these risks and ensure these spaces continue to remain safe. 

Here is the perfect example of how much dirt and dust can build up in these types of spaces in such a short amount of time. 

These pictures were taken during a recent visit to a training centre, where our team have worked to help improve the standard of their flooring, making it much safer and leaving it sparkling clean. 


It is vital that classrooms are kept clean and hygienic, as this is where your students will spend most of their time and where you want them to be their most productive. 

As the saying goes, ‘A clear space is a clear mind’ so it is important you are providing your students with a clean learning environment that is free of clutter and distractions. 

Daily classroom cleaning can help to ensure these spaces are always clean, warm and welcoming and provide both students and staff with an environment where they can thrive. 


Dining Halls 

Dining halls and canteens are key spaces across school estates and obviously due to the nature of these spaces, maintaining the highest level hygiene and cleanliness is a must. 

Breaks and lunch is a time where students and staff can both relax and refuel, ready for the rest of the day and having a clean space where they can do this is important; no one wants to eat in an environment that feels unclean. 

Daily cleaning of these spaces will help to ensure it is always kept clean and hygienic and that any food waste is being regularly removed.


Now’s the perfect time to consider the current state of your school

With the current pandemic crisis forcing schools to close, now is an ideal time to consider the current state of your school and conduct a risk assessment, to help highlight any areas where standards may have fallen and where improvements can be made. 

Our expert team of operatives are able to work with you to provide a deep cleaning service of your entire estate, to help maintain an excellent standard of hygiene and so you are fully prepared for when students return.

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