Retirement Village Cleaning: Maintaining the highest cleaning standards from top to bottom

It has always been essential that retirement village cleaning to maintain safe and comfortable environments for residents, this has been particularly highlighted more recently due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

How are you currently achieving and maintaining the highest standards for your residents and protecting them in the current climate?

Due to the nature of retirement villages and the age of residents, sites of this nature require frequent and effective cleaning in order to maintain the highest levels of sanitisation, mitigate health and safety risks and keep residents happy and healthy. 

In order to achieve this, you need to be working alongside an experienced cleaning contractor who can provide a suite of services that meet all of your needs and support you in maintaining the highest standards. 

With extensive experience working within this sector, our team supports Retirement Villages through providing a range of services spanning from daily housekeeping, through to deep cleans and other services. 

Daily Housekeeping and Conformance

Introducing a daily housekeeping service alongside your existing contracted cleaning requirements will ensure that cleaning is carried out throughout each day, supporting you in achieving around the clock conformance. 

From the frequent decontamination of high touch points after use, through to the enhanced sanitisation of high risk areas including washrooms, communal spaces and canteens, this will all be covered under a daily housekeeping service. 

Deep Cleans

Despite having an effective cleaning strategy in place, it is essential that you also have periodic deep cleans conducted across your site to maintain the highest standards. 

Our skilled and highly trained team can work with you to provide high-level cleaning to maintain not only key areas across your site, such as your washrooms, kitchens and communal areas, but also all of those hard to reach areas that can easily be overlooked. 

Grounds Maintenance

Our suite of services for retirement villages will also include grounds maintenance services, to ensure the outside of your site reflects the inside.

We know that outdoor facilities and garden areas play an important role in providing residents with areas they can be social, relax, get outside and take part in activities. 

Therefore it is essential these areas are regularly maintained, to ensure they are safe spaces and that they continue to stay in a condition where they are always usable. 

Our suite of services helps to achieve a top to bottom approach, ensuring every inch of your site is safe and spotless, enabling you to provide the best environment for residents, mitigate safety risks and helping you to continue making the best possible impression on visitors.  

Get in touch to find out more about how we can support your retirement village through our range of cleaning services.

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