A guide to cleaning when acquiring new premises 

When acquiring new business premises, it is important you are working alongside an experienced commercial cleaning provider who can support you in establishing and implementing a cleaning strategy that meets all of your needs. 

Acquiring new business premises is often an exciting time for organisations, but it can also be a stressful process. 

There is a lot to consider and plan, in order to ensure your move is as smooth as possible and that you can settle into the new premises quickly and with minimal disruption. 

One key area that requires consideration is your cleaning strategy and how your move will impact the service you require, the frequency you require these services and how much you are investing in your cleaning. 

Here is an overview of what the process should be like and some key things that should be considered in regards to your cleaning when acquiring new premises. 

Site assessment 

In order to establish the services that are required for your site, it is important you discuss your wants and needs with your cleaning contractor, so they can gain an in-depth understanding of how you will be operating in the space. 

They should then look to conduct a site assessment of your new premises. 

Our intricate site assessment process plays a key part in our consultative approach, involving the collation of data around: 

  • Measurement of all areas
  • When and how frequently each area is occupied
  • Purpose and use of the space
  • Type of floor covering in the area and occupation rates
  • Any additional equipment or features within the area that needs to be taken into consideration

With this information, we then utilise a series of tools and methods to determine which services are required and the precise time needed to meet your expectations. 

This will be reported to you in a document outlining exactly how we will deliver our services. 

Reviewing your current cleaning standards

You should also be reviewing the current condition of the site and the cleaning standards. 

Doing this is essential to enable you to identify areas for improvement  and establish a clear idea of the services required in order to raise the cleaning and safety standards.

Our team works with you to review the current condition of your premises and advise on the processes that will need to be implemented. 

This also looks at how your existing cleaning strategy will need to be adapted to achieve the desired level of cleanliness and standards you wish to have across your new premises. 

You may discover that specific measures may need to be undertaken initially to help quickly raise standards and after this, it may just be a case of maintaining these standards. 

Initial requirements vs. long term requirements

As we have briefly discussed above, it is often that businesses will require additional and increased measures and processes when initially acquiring their new premises. 

For example, it is common and advisable to have a deep clean/sparkle clean conducted initially at new premises, to establish a good base level of cleanliness and safety. 

This standard can then be maintained through regular housekeeping services and follow up periodic deep cleans. 

With this in mind, it is important that you consider your initial cleaning requirements against your longer term requirements and take this into account when establishing your cleaning strategy. 

We are able to support clients in achieving this, advising on the initial services and measures that are required. 

Following this, we will put a plan in place in regard to the services that will be required daily, monthly, annually and seasonally in order to maintain standards. 

Creating a cleaning strategy 

Utilising all of the information from site assessments and reviews, your cleaning contractor should be able to create a cleaning strategy that will be effective in meeting your needs and expectations. 

Your cleaning strategy should cover what services are going to be conducted on an ongoing basis and how frequently these services will be conducted, in order to maintain safe and immaculate premises. 

Implementing services 

Once a cleaning strategy and contract has been established with your cleaning provider, the implementation of these services should begin.

From the initial measures through to more frequent services including daily conformance and housekeeping, washroom services, window cleaning and grounds maintenance, all services should be being delivered in line with your expectations. 

Regular reviews and audits 

It is vital you are happy with the level of service, the types of services you are receiving and that you are getting the most out of your investment in cleaning. 

It is also essential that standards are being maintained and any issues with regard to services and quality are identified, so that changes can be implemented to resolve them and make improvements. 

This is why regular and ongoing reviews and audits of your services and premises is critical. 

Auditing is a fundamental part of our service offering and when working with a client. 

We will arrange for our assigned contact manager to visit the client on a regular basis to conduct our cleaning audit – this is typically conducted every 4-6 weeks.

On visiting the client, the contracts manager will walk around the site accompanied by our client contact, reviewing all of the areas within the building to provide a full building audit. 

This enables both ourselves and the client to identify any areas where there is a need for improvement. These are then actioned with our team and changes are implemented quickly to make the improvement. 

At Fidelis we can work alongside clients who are acquiring new premises, providing a consultative approach to help establish exactly what services are required, in order to support a smooth transition into your new premises.

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