Summer Shutdown: Support the Manufacturing Sector in Safety & Compliance

Have you considered how your organisation can utilise the summer shutdown as a time to maintain the highest levels of cleaning, safety and compliance across your manufacturing site?

Despite having an effective and robust cleaning strategy in place, it is still essential that your organisation takes the time to have in-depth maintenance and deep cleans conducted at key times throughout the year.

When pairing this with your cleaning strategy, it enables you to ensure every inch of your site is well-maintained, meeting all compliance needs and providing staff with the safest working environment.

As the Summer Shutdown approaches for many across the manufacturing sector, this is an ideal time to conduct services such as safety checks, deep cleans and maintenance across your site.

Deep Cleans & Specialist Cleaning

Our experienced and highly trained team have worked alongside numerous organisations across all corners of the manufacturing and industrial sector, from aerospace defence and automotive manufacture, through to robotics and steelwork.

Through our specialist cleaning equipment, methods and processes, we have the ability to conduct pit cleans and have a great team of operatives that are highly trained to work in such a dangerous area.

We can also conduct deep cleans throughout your factory/shop floor, ensuring every inch of your site is clean and well maintained, mitigating and managing the safety risks that are often presented in this type of environment.

Our deep cleaning services also help to prevent the build up of dangerous and hazardous materials across your factory floor, which present huge safety risks and issues with compliance.

Maintenance and Compliance

Maintenance is another key part of compliance.

Without upholding the regular maintenance of your machinery, you are not only increasing the risk of machine failure and ultimately the risk of downtime, but it also vastly increases the risk of accidents and health and safety issues.

Our team can work alongside you during the shutdown to conduct this critical maintenance, without causing disruption to your production-line.

This maintenance will help to ensure the longevity of your machinery, whilst clearing it of any debris and build up, which if left unkempt could have gone on to result in manufacturing faults; a costly issue for you to correct.

Our range of deep cleaning and maintenance services will help you to mitigate safety risks and the risk of downtime, so you have confidence in your abilities to continue meeting client’s needs and production deadlines moving forward.

Reviewing your existing approach to cleaning

The summer shutdown is also an ideal time to take a step back and review how happy you have been with your cleaning up to date.

Consider whether you have been seeing a return on your investment in your cleaning, in regards to the level of service provided by your current supplier.

Perhaps it could be time to look at working alongside a more experienced and customer driven supplier, who can provide the level of service and relationship you are looking for.

The shutdown is also the perfect time to consider where and how you have actually been investing in your cleaning and reviewing whether your spend can be better utilised.

Reviewing your cleaning on a regular basis is essential in ensuring each space across your site has the adequate level and frequency of cleaning in place to ensure and maintain compliance.

With years of experience supporting the manufacturing sector through our services, we have built on our expertise and understanding of the unique requirements of this sector.

Utilising our knowledge, we can work alongside you to review your site and your exisiting approach to cleaning.

We can conduct a full site survey and audit of your cleaning strategy, identifying areas for improvement and factors that could be affecting your compliance, making recommendations on how to boost your compliance and conformance.

With the summer shutdown around the corner, now is the time to start making arrangements to ensure continued compliance.

Our team is more than happy to discuss your requirements with you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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