Importance of an Implementation Manager when beginning a Commercial Cleaning Contract

In recent months, we have introduced the role of Implementation Manager to enable us to successfully integrate new large scale projects.

This new role facilitates the smooth transition for our clients when they begin to partner with the Fidelis Group. 

An Implementation Manager is pivotal to how we commence the delivery of a commercial cleaning contract, working collaboratively with clients to understand and implement their expectations from the outset. 

Integration of Team and Cleaning Standards

When undertaking large scale commercial cleaning contracts, we firstly have to integrate operatives who are new to the business, analyse existing cleaning methods and standards. 

This enables us to formulate a clear route map to transitioning over to our established and proven ways of working. We focus on training and onboarding operatives that we have inherited, this helps to identify personal development and recruitment requirements, as well as providing them with the tools to deliver quality cleaning services.

The route map enables us to communicate and implement change to the methods and cleaning procedures which may not be able to take place immediately. 

Transparency with our Clients

A transparent process which involves both clients and operatives ensures that everybody is aware of the expectations and working to achieve common goals. 

The role of the Implementation Manager is to work closely with our client contacts on site to provide regular communication and updates on developments. This two-way conversation enables us to gather feedback and address any issues immediately. 

By conducting regular analysis, we are able to monitor progress towards achieving goals and objectives. This also helps to identify problem areas and resolve immediately.

An Implementation Manager is a project focused role with the aim to successfully hand over responsibility of a contract to our Contract Management team. This only takes place once all elements of a contract have been moulded into our proven methods of working. 

So ask yourself this question, does your commercial cleaning contractor provide a thorough and detailed implementation strategy or did they just pick up from where the incumbent left off?

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