We’ve all had to get used to new realities over the past two years. For some, it’s been a question of changing the way in which they work. For others, it’s about being more aware of the way that they live. And for everyone, it’s been making sure that we do certain things to protect ourselves and those around us. Here at Fidelis, we’re no strangers to innovation. In this round-up blog, we look at some of the innovations we’re making when it comes to our cleaning equipment.

Innovation can boost sustainability as well as safety

We always strive to be the best in what we do. That means that we innovate when we can see that helps us to meet our goals. Lately, we’ve made a big push on innovating with our cleaning equipment. Here are some examples:

  • Investing in back-pack vacuums for efficiency and ease of use. Without any wires, these can help with achieving better health and safety outcomes, especially on stairs.
  • Using more battery-powered equipment. As well as back-pack vacuums, we’re investing in cordless scrubber-dryers, which deliver efficient and powerful cleaning results.
  • Investigating carbon tub vacuums and equipment which uses higher levels of recycled plastics in its manufacture. From a sustainability standpoint, we believe that this could be a helpful change. We’re already committed to recycling as much as possible when equipment reaches the end of its lifecycle. And we’re compliant with all waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) regulations.
  • Using carbon-fibre reach tools for high-level cleaning. Not only is carbon fibre more sustainable than plastic filament, but it’s safer and cheaper. There’s also less risk of abrasion, allowing for more frequent cleaning.

In upcoming blogs, we’ll be looking at the other areas where we’ve been innovating, from new cleaning regimes to workforce planning. We always like to say that the difference is us – and that includes our future selves too.

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