As the autumn term starts in the education sector, Fidelis is available for university, college, and school contract cleaning. We have years of experience working in the sector, and our cleaning operatives are all DBS-checked and highly trained.

How we set the terms for education sector contract cleaning

It’s that time of the year that everyone has marked in their calendars: back to school. Now the summer holiday is well and truly over, the autumn term in schools is in full swing. If they haven’t started back yet, colleges and universities will be re-opening their doors in the coming weeks too. Here at Fidelis Group, we work with schools, colleges, and universities to keep places of education clean and healthy. We all know how disrupted routines have been at academic institutions over the past year and a half. In this blog, we’re looking at how our universities, colleges and schools can return to normal with our education sector contract cleaning services.

Why choose Fidelis for education sector contract cleaning?

Education institutions are a key part of the UK economy. There are currently just over 32,000 schools, which together educate a total of 10.3 million young people and employ upwards of a million teaching and support staff. In addition, there are 300 further education colleges and 130 universities, jointly educating around a million people more. We’ve done the maths and there are some staggering statistics. Across all these educational institutions, we calculate there are over 12 million desks and chairs to keep clean in classrooms and lecture halls. There are almost as many tables, chairs, and benches in dining halls across the sector. And of course, there’s an equally massive number of toilets and basins in all those washrooms too.

We have years of experience in the education sector; you might say, we’re a safe pair of gloved hands. We’ve been able to build on this expertise to keep our clients’ sites conforming to regulations, safe, and clean to the highest degree. We know that each school, college, or university is different, so we always deliver a specific and bespoke standard of service for each site. But equally, we learn from experience elsewhere, so keep to a successful management structure which is proven to deliver a clean and safe environment.

What we can do for university, college, and school contract cleaning?

Academic institutions’ estates are subject to intense daily use and high footfall during term time, requiring a comprehensive and complete commercial cleaning service. Fidelis provides a wide range of cleaning services to schools, colleges, and universities to maintain a clean and hygienic environment. Our team of highly trained operatives ensure that all areas of the school or college site are immaculately clean and safe for students and staff to use daily. And to make sure we’re starting each term from a solid base, we can come up with a schedule of periodic deep cleans for our education sector clients too.

Our services cover the full range of different areas across school, college, and university campuses. Indoors, this incorporates daily cleaning and housekeeping of classrooms, laboratories, corridors, and communal dining areas. For colleges and universities, we offer halls of residence cleaning. As well as cleaning and sanitisation of washrooms, we’ll replenish consumables. In terms of building exteriors, we provide regular window cleaning. And in school and college grounds, we can provide cleaning services too, from jet-washing tennis courts to litter picking in car parks and playgrounds.

Trained staff and robust processes ensure conformance with regulations

At Fidelis, our people are our strength, and we pride ourselves on our dedicated and professional cleaning operatives. For academic institutions, we know how important safeguarding is. All our operatives hold enhanced DBS certificates. They’re always clearly identifiable whilst on site, as they wear branded uniforms and identity badges at all times. And they receive comprehensive customer care training tailored to working in an environment with children and young people. Strict health and safety training and rigorous inspections are a crucial part of our commitment to both the education institution and our team.

Our expertise and specialism delivering to schools, colleges and universities has put us at the forefront of education sector cleaning. We make a difference with our unique systems and processes to deliver a service of safe conformance across the whole academic year, with additional support services out of term. Our operatives can work alongside schools and colleges during teaching hours or after school. We can help with health and safety, Ofsted, and CQC compliance via our procedures, processes, and free customer advice from years of experience.

Now more than ever, it’s vital to create a welcoming, productive, and stable learning environment for students and staff alike. We’ll provide the spotless classrooms, laboratories, communal areas, and corridors. We’ll leave it up to our educational institution clients and partners to deliver the teaching and support to students of every age.

To find out more about Fidelis Group and universities, colleges and schools can benefit from our education sector contract cleaning services, contact one of the team today.

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