If you own a gym, then there’s one thing you probably dread – keeping it clean. All the sweat, germs and bacteria can be a nightmare to get rid of, especially when it’s on a constant basis. Don’t despair though, because in this post, we’ll go over a few tips to keep your gym in peak condition.

Clean the free weights thoroughly

One of the most germ-laden places of any gym is usually the free weights section. Barbells and dumbbells especially are a hotbed for germs because they’re picked up on a near constant basis. Using wipes and cleaning sprays regularly is a good way to disinfect your free weights section.

Pay special attention to the cardio machines

Another common place where germs are found in a gym is the cardio machines, and particularly the buttons. The buttons on a cardio machine are pushed hundreds of times a day on average, so it’s no surprise then that they can become the home to various strains of bacteria. So make sure to wipe down the cardio machines regularly with an antibacterial spray – it will keep your machines cleaner and your guests healthier.

Provide paper towels

It’s also a good idea to provide paper towels to your clientele so they can clean off the machines once they’re done. Put up a sign that asks them to wipe the machine with a paper towel after use and you’ll soon see that your machines are less sweaty than before.

Provide hand sanitiser

Another idea is to install a hand sanitiser dispenser. That way, your clientele and staff can give their hands a quick clean after using the gym equipment. Hand sanitisers aren’t just for hospitals – they make a great addition to gyms too!

Look out for mould in the shower room

Shower rooms are warm and wet, which is the perfect environment for mould to grow in. Keep a constant eye out for any signs of mould in your shower room and take the right action if you do see mould growing. 3% hydrogen peroxide is good for killing mould, or even a mixture of soap and baking soda will do.

Clean your yoga mats

Scientists have found that yoga mats are a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses and fungi. They can harbour a range of parasites, including streptococcus bacteria, ringworm and athlete’s foot. So if you have yoga mats in your gym, then it’s important to keep them clean. A spray and a wipe will usually do the trick, but if you want a deeper clean, try putting them in a washing machine (if the mat is machine-washable, that is).

Hire an external cleaning company

Hiring a professional cleaning company like Fidelis can be a great way to keep your gym neat and presentable. After all, why try to do the job yourself when you can hire professionals to do it for you?

If you’re looking for an external cleaning company, then look no further than Fidelis. We’re the professionals when it comes to cleaning thanks to over 25 years’ experience in world-class cleaning management. So give us a call today on 0845 43 10 382.

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