How are you maintaining cleaning standards throughout lockdown?

Whether you are still operational or you have had to close your doors again due to the lockdown, maintaining cleaning standards is essential throughout the coming months to ensure that you are conforming to the required standards. 

We understand that if you have had to close or you are operating with a reduced workforce, it can be difficult to plan ahead and ensure you have the right cleaning processes in place ready for when you are able to return to work or some normality. 

This is why continuing to implement cleaning standards should be an essential part of your health and safety practices and day-to-day operations, to maintain the cleanliness of your site and help ensure you are prepared to facilitate a safe return to work that will be as smooth a transition as possible. 

Maintain Cleaning Standards

Without regular cleaning and maintenance in place across your site, issues can quickly arise which when left are likely to impact on your productivity and cause you to no longer be compliant with health and safety regulations. 

These issues can be costly to put right or may even delay your reopening until after they can be resolved.  

A lack of effective cleaning can also result in a build up of dust and dirt, which can also impact the appearance of your site and leave a negative impression on both staff and customers. 

It is vital you have continued cleaning practices in place to keep your site maintained from an operational standpoint, whilst also maintaining an immaculate look and feel to your site. 

Keeping your site safe 

Despite the lockdown, we know that for many organisations things don’t simply come to a screeching halt. 

Particularly for those in the manufacturing and industrial sectors where their sites are still fully functional, these organisations still have maintained or slightly reduced levels of staff using their sites. 

If this is the case for your organisation, it is essential that you still have regular and thorough cleaning taking place across your site to ensure safety standards are being met and maintained and that you are continuing to maintain a Covid Secure site at all times. 

You may decide to have your cleaning conducted at key times in line with when staff will be on site, to ensure they are protected and to mitigate the risk of the spread of infection. 

This is something you should discuss with your cleaning contractor and they should be able to make changes to meet your needs.

Prepared for a quick turnaround 

Continuing to maintain cleaning standards will also help to ensure you are as prepared as possible for when you are able to reopen or welcome more staff back into the workplace. 

Once you know a date, this is when you can arrange for a deep clean to be conducted across your site, so your staff and visitors will be returning to a safe and Covid Secure environment. 

medical cleaning

If you have not been conducting continued cleaning during your shutdown, deep cleaning your site is likely to be a much bigger job which will take more time. 

If you have been continuing to maintain the cleanliness of your site throughout the lockdown, it is still essential that you have a deep clean conducted to achieve the highest levels of safety and conformance. 

However due to the continued cleaning, it is likely to make deep cleaning your site a simpler process, helping you to achieve a quick turnaround for reopening. 

If you are currently undergoing a site shutdown and you have not considered or implemented plans for continued cleaning, our team is on hand to support you. 

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