Infection Control in the Healthcare Sector

If your organisation is in the medical and healthcare sector, how are you currently maintaining the highest levels of Infection Control? 

The current situation has highlighted how important it is to maintain a clean, sterile and hygienic environment. Your cleaning contractor should be working closely with you to achieve and maintain a safe environment for your team, patients and visitors. 

It is imperative to have access to a quality and trustworthy commercial cleaning partner, who can work with you to create a plan of action that covers all areas of your site and ensure that you meet Care Quality Commission requirements. 

Through introducing effective and robust processes and procedures, such as colour coding, your cleaning contractor can help to ensure the highest levels of infection control across your site, reducing cross contamination and the spread of illness. 

These services should not only cover your wards and GP Surgery Rooms but also publicly used spaces such as washrooms and reception areas; these spaces are where footfall is often high and where cross contamination can very easily and quickly take place. 

With this in mind, is your existing cleaning contractor and the processes you have in place really maintaining the highest levels of cleanliness at all times? 

If you are concerned about infection control, or you are simply looking to improve your processes to ensure your staff, patients and visitors are protected at the highest level, we would be happy to discuss your needs with you. 

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