Improving Efficiencies in Manufacturing through professional Cleaning

How are you currently maintaining a clean, safe and efficient working environment across your factory, warehouse or manufacturing facility? 

In this current climate, there has never been a more important time to work alongside an experienced cleaning contractor, to help you achieve and maintain the highest level of safety across your site.

With many manufacturers having been on shutdown for the past few months due to lockdown, now is the ideal time to look at having your site deep cleaned and machinery maintained, to prepare for getting back to business.

In a work environment where heavy duty machinery is being operated, products are being created and where staff and vehicles, such as forklifts, all operate within the same space on a daily basis, partnering with a specialist cleaning contractor can not only help to maintain a safe environment, but also improve efficiencies for a successful and efficient return to work. 


Health and Safety

Regular and effective cleaning will help to ensure that high levels of health and safety are maintained across your site, ensuring all debris and potentially harmful by-products of the manufacturing process, such as chemicals and dust are removed. 

This not only protects the safety of your staff whilst on site, but also their long term health.

With such high footfall from both staff and vehicles, factory floors can very quickly become a high risk trip hazard. Therefore, regular cleaning will be required to maintain an immaculate shop floor and a safe environment for both staff and visitors. 

Finally, specialist cleaning will also be needed to ensure your machinery and tooling is spotless and regularly maintained in line with guidance and regulations. Failure to do so could easily result in accidents. 


Reducing costs

Along with the health and safety aspects, it is also vital to maintain the condition and cleanliness of your machinery and tooling to help reduce costs. 

Any debris or build up of dirt, oil or other substances could result in malfunctions in the manufacturing process, which can be very costly to put right, making regular specialist cleaning a worthwhile investment.  

Accidents that take place within your workplace can also be costly to you as business, not only for compensation but they can have a devastating effect on your reputation and therefore your income. 

Following an incident, you could find that your customers and prospects instead opt for another business who have better demonstrated that they go the extra mile to protect their staff and achieve the highest quality of product. 

Put simply, maintaining a clean and safe working environment protects both your staff and reputation.


Mitigating the risk of downtime

One other area that regular and effective cleaning helps to improve efficiencies is through helping to mitigate the risk of downtime. 

As previously mentioned, the maintenance of your machinery is vital and if you are not upholding this maintenance, you are increasing the risk of machine failure and ultimately the risk of downtime. 

Through investing in regular maintenance, you are helping to ensure the longevity of your machinery. 

In short, what you will be paying for this specialist cleaning will be more cost effective then it would be if you had to replace the machinery due to a failure, as a result of a lack of maintenance. 

At Fidelis, we have an expert team of operatives who specialise in the cleaning of manufacturing facilities. 

They work quickly and efficiently to a schedule of works that are suitable for you, delivering a range of high quality industrial cleaning services without impacting the day-to-day running of your site. 

If you would like to find out more about our services or discuss your requirements, our team is always on hand to support you. 

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