Increased need for Daily Housekeeping in Education

With schools set to reopen shortly, is your school estate prepared?

Through introducing daily housekeeping, this will help to ensure additional sanitisation is conducted frequently throughout the school day, supporting you to maintain the highest levels of safety for your students and staff.

Maintaining clean and hygienic environments across school estates has always been crucial, but with the Covid-19 pandemic creating a number of challenges, the needs for cleaning in the education sector have evolved.

Schools require more extensive and frequent cleaning to help maintain a high standard of sanitation, preventing the spread of infection and protecting staff and students.

With this in mind, do you feel confident that your existing approach to cleaning will continue to be effective in ensuring the highest standards of infection control?

Does your school have robust cleaning procedures in place that are conducted frequently throughout the school day?

Introducing a daily housekeeper alongside your existing contracted cleaning requirements is a great solution to help your school achieve and maintain a Covid Secure and safe site.

WIth extensive experience supporting schools, colleges and universities through our unique cleaning systems and processes, we can work with you to integrate a daily housekeeping service.

Traditional cleaning contracts are delivered during out of school hours, whereas a daily housekeeping service is carried out during the school day, to ensure around the clock conformance and sanitation.

This service will include the delivery of a number of Covid related services, including:

  • Decontamination of high touch points after use, such as classrooms after use, rails, door handles, staircases etc.
  • Enhanced sanitisation of communal areas following breaks and lunchtimes.
  • Enhanced sanitisation of handwashing facilities, washrooms and changing facilities, as well as the regular replenishing of supplies.

Implementing these additional measures and increased daily cleaning will help you to reduce the spread of infection and create safe learning environments where students can flourish.

If you would like to discuss your needs with us ahead of your full reopening, our team is happy to help.

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