When you consider the question ‘What is quality Customer Service?’ your initial thoughts will probably jump to how your staff converse and present themselves to customers, the quality of the product or service you are providing and the level of aftercare you offer your customers. 

These are all of course key players in achieving excellent customer service, but have you thought about how a clean environment can impact your customer service and perception of your organisation?

Our focus is to provide a world class customer service, which enables our clients to do the same for their customers and clients. 

We find it is common to forget just how essential the cleanliness and appearance of spaces and facilities used by your customers is in providing a top class customer service and experience.

Businesses are continually investing in training and procedures to ensure their staff and business is always providing the very best service, so why isn’t the cleanliness and presentation of your premises viewed in the same light?

It is vital that you are not underestimating the value of quality, well maintained environments. Toilets and washrooms are a great example of this – a facility that is heavily used by customers. 

People will always notice and remember an untidy, unhygienic toilet and this will be a reflection of your business, staff, service and organisation, giving off a negative impression to your customers.  

On the other hand, an immaculate washroom facility will also be noted and will give off an impression that your business really does pay attention to every detail when it comes to delivering a quality service. 

This attention to detail should span across all areas of your premises, to ensure you are making the best possible impression. 

From clean carpets and flooring, to empty bins, pleasant smelling spaces and quality consumables – soap, gels and paper products – all of these elements together help to achieve a clean, hygienic and impressive environment that will perfectly reflect the quality and level of service you strive to provide to each and every one of your customers.


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