Returning to Work: Does your workplace conform to COVID Secure Government guidelines?

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic and ahead of your return to work, what does your business need to introduce to ensure you are compliant with Government guidance with regard to creating a COVID Secure environment? 

Many organisations are currently planning workplace cleaning requirements to meet their current needs and ensure that a site is Covid Secure ready for staff to return to work. 

However, it is also vital that you review your cleaning services with the bigger picture in mind. 

One key consideration we encourage people to think about is ‘Clean today but is it clean tomorrow?’

In other words, the current processes you have in place may ensure that you can achieve a clean and safe site, but what about further down the line, once your staff are back in the workplace and business begins to resume? 

covid secure cleaning services

How do you plan to continue maintaining a COVID Secure workplace?

You need to consider the frequency and times of day that your cleaning is conducted ahead of the return to work.

It is common for businesses to have their daily cleaning services provided either at the start or end of the working day but in the current climate this is no longer enough.  

You have a responsibility to your staff and clients to ensure you are compliant with all government guidance and to achieve this you need to look at introducing new measures to help prevent the spread of infection. 

Daily housekeeping is still appropriate to maintain general cleanliness, but in order to achieve the highest levels of safety and reduce the spread of infection, you need to introduce additional cleaning measures which are conducted at regular and strategic times throughout the day. 

These additional services should include the regular cleaning of high touch points, washrooms and handwashing facilities, as well as your shared facilities (kitchens, break rooms etc.) and also the regular and effective disposal of your waste. 

All of these services are focused around infection control and should be carried out at regular intervals during the day to coincide with your daily cleaning to ensure that all areas across your workplace are compliant, safe and clean. 

As experts in maintaining immaculate, clean and hygienic workspaces across a variety of sectors, we can work with you to understand what is going on within your workplace and how your staff and visitors use the different spaces across your site during the day. 

Utilising this knowledge, we can work with you to help determine what additional services you require and advise on the frequency and timings of the services, to ensure you are continually achieving and maintaining a safe and Covid Secure working environment. 

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