View your Cleaning as an Investment not a Cost

Your commercial cleaning contract is an investment and should not be seen as a cost centre.

Working alongside an experienced and trusted provider and implementing a cleaning strategy that is truly fit for purpose will help you transform your cleaning from a spend into a great investment. 

With this in mind, what approach do you currently take to your cleaning? 

Are you just spending on your cleaning, instead of investing in quality services and superior methods of cleaning? 

We understand that organisations can often view their cleaning simply as a cost; it is something that is required to meet health and safety standards, so they view it as a necessary spend.   

With the pandemic highlighting the critical role of effective cleaning, it is now clearer to organisations that their previous approach to cleaning will no longer be adequate.

As a skilled and experienced commercial cleaning provider, we understand the real value that effective cleaning brings to organisations. Viewing your commercial cleaning contract as an investment rather than a spend, you can reap the true benefits it has to offer.

Importance of Commercial Cleaning Investment

Commercial cleaning and sanitation services have been a vital role in maintaining the highest standards of health and safety and reducing the spread of infection within workplaces.

Whilst this is vital in the current climate, it will continue to be essential moving forward. 

Through utilising professional cleaning services, you are able to maintain safe environments throughout your workplace, keeping them free of allergens, bacteria, dust, dirt and even mold and therefore maintaining a safer, healthier working environment for your employees. 

Going beyond the safety aspects, professional housekeeping is also key in helping you to maintain a professional appearance of your site. 

When every inch of your site is clean and spotless, this attention to detail will portray a positive image of your organisation and help you to make a great impression on visitors and customers. 

A final benefit of professional cleaning is the effect it has on your team. Employees respond better to a well maintained  working environment, helping to boost their morale and create a space they enjoy coming to work in. 

Investing in Experience and Expertise 

If you are not working alongside an experienced and trusted commercial cleaning provider, you may find that the processes being performed across your workplace and the measures introduced are not actually in line with your original expectations. 

It is crucial you have confidence in your cleaning contractor, their experience and capabilities. 

Through partnering with a trusted partner, you have complete peace of mind that you are in the best hands and that you will be working alongside a knowledgeable company, who are experts in meeting the cleaning requirements of organisations from a wide range of sectors. 

Investing in efficiency

There is not just one way of cleaning; each cleaning provider is likely to have their own approaches, using certain equipment and processes and depending on their approach. 

It is important that you are investing in the most efficient and cost effective methods and equipment for the cleaning and maintenance of your site. 

At Fidelis, we offer a variety of approaches to cleaning and have invested in an extensive array of innovative equipment to offer our clients the most suitable and efficient method of cleaning, to meet their requirements, the size and nature of spaces. 

One example of this is the use of a Scrubber Dryer which is a piece of equipment we offer clients to clean flooring. This replaces the more traditional and manual approach of sweeping and mopping. 

It is a much more cost effective solution, reducing the amount of man hours needed to complete the work, which in turn actually reduces your costs in the long run. 

Our Reach and Wash System is used for interior and exterior window cleaning and is conducted at ground level, using equipment that is safer for the individual, mitigating safety risks. 

It enables windows to be cleaned in a shorter period of time and achieves better quality results than traditional methods. This again reduces man hours needed, which in turn reduces your costs whilst also helping you to get more out of your spend. 

Delivering excellent customer service will be a key focus for your organisation and you are likely to have invested in your people, training and systems to ensure you are providing the best possible service. 

The presentation of your site and cleaning should be viewed in the same manner. 

Your Commercial Cleaning Contract should be viewed as part of the overall investment in your organisation, supporting you to maintain a clean and safe workplace, make a great impression on clients and staff and continue being the best in your field. 

Invest to achieve excellence. 

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