Delivering Cleaning Contract efficiencies through our Consultative Approach

Assessing and measuring a site is a process that plays a key part in the consultation and finalisation of a cleaning contract with every new client at Fidelis. The proven system we have in place for calculating site hours is what really helps to set us apart from the rest.


What is the purpose of a site assessment?

Our proven site assessment process enables us to calculate and then consult accurately with our client to deliver our cleaning services to exact time and motion techniques which then helps us to schedule and deliver our renowned WORLD CLASS CUSTOMER SERVICE efficiently.

Through assessing the site, we are able to review and survey existing processes and arrangements against current delivery and expectations, based on size, space and usage, helping us to understand and identify where improvements and efficiencies need to be made.

Our assessment and consultation process helps us to share the logic of our work with our clients to provide a quality report and proposal to ensure value for money and the highest quality of service. Our assessment shows complete transparency on costs and charges and gives us the opportunity to have a clear and open discussion around efficiencies and improvements on site.


What does a site assessment involve?

Before beginning work with a client, we spend quality time discussing site requirements, providing us with a clear and in-depth understanding of how we can help.

Our team then takes this information and begins to establish exactly what services and timings are required to deliver our quality services.

This process begins with an intricate and detailed site survey, which will cover all areas of the site. For each area, we collate information and data around the following:

  • An accurate measurement of all areas
  • When and how frequently the area is occupied
  • The purpose and use of the space
  • The type of floor covering in the area and occupation rates
  • Any additional equipment or features within the area that needs to be taken into consideration

Following our site survey, we then take this information using intelligent measuring and calculations we are then able to establish exactly which services are required and the time needed to meet the client’s expectations.

Through a final consultation with the client we provide a report and documentation which accurately outlines exactly how we will deliver our services showing efficiencies to be made through our proven, open book policies and procedures.

Internal window cleaning in office


Benefits of our measuring for hours process

The process we have in place for assessing a site ensures we provide our client with complete transparency around the costs and delivery of our services, and also clearly outlines what the expectations are for us as their contracting partner. Our methods and processes continue to deliver efficiencies and a high quality WORLD CLASS CUSTOMER SERVICE to all of our customers sites and the process continues to evolve and improve to deliver further to our offering for new clients.


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