Importance of a thorough Cleaning Audit

We pride ourselves on the quality and level of service delivered to each and every client we work with and our thorough auditing process plays a pivotal role in achieving this. Our Cleaning Audit ensures that consistently deliver and meet our client’s requirements.


What does a Fidelis site audit cover?

We are delighted to have developed a thorough and effective auditing process which is conducted by our contract management team with each of our clients.

Once their contract has started, we will arrange for our assigned contracts manager to visit the client on a regular basis to conduct our cleaning audit – this is typically conducted every 4-6 weeks.

On visiting the client, the contracts manager will walk around the site accompanied by our client contact, reviewing all of the areas within the building to provide a full building audit

All of our audits are completed electronically using a tablet which is GPS and time stamped to ensure a time line and confirmation that the audit has been carried out. Our audits are tailored to each individual site to conform with our Service Level Agreement (SLA).

The review is very simple.

For each element of the contract, if the client is happy and feels that standard is being met, they will put an answer of ‘Yes’ and if not, or if there is any doubt, the answer will be ‘No’. This leaves no room for interpretation or ambiguity and makes it very easy for us and the client to identify any areas where there is a need for improvement.

Any identified areas for improvement are then added into actions and the contracts manager and operatives of the site are then notified so they can begin to implement them within the agreed SLA timelines, usually within 24 hours.

Each cleaning audit is then time and date stamped to ensure there is a formal record that both ourselves and the client can refer back to and photographic evidence is captured where there are areas that require improvement.

Commercial Cleaning Contract audit

What is the importance of a cleaning audit?

Auditing is a fundamental part of our service offering and the level of detail our audits cover really does provide total transparency to the client, showing them exactly what work we are completing within the agreed time and budget.

Through our effective and thorough auditing process, we are able to maintain the highest level of quality standards for all of our clients and identify opportunities for continuous improvement, to ensure we are always going above and beyond our client’s needs and requirements.

So our performance management system of audits within your building will ensure that we deliver to what we promise but most importantly our audits will help you to know that your building is in safe hands with a business that really do conform, deliver and care.

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