Cleaning Conformance and Delivering Efficiencies the Fidelis Way

We have been delivering cleaning conformance and delivering efficiencies for over 9 years, providing quality cleaning services to a variety of organisations from sectors including commercial offices, retail, manufacturing and education

During this time, we have made significant changes and developments to the way in which we do things and we pride ourselves on the efficiencies we are able to deliver to each and every client through our innovative and effective processes, methods and tools. 


Cleaning Conformance

Conforming to both general and industry specific Health and Safety regulations and guidelines has always been a must for businesses, but particularly in the current climate it has never been so important. 

Working with clients to review their existing cleaning processes, schedule of works and equipment, we are able to identify areas where improvements can be made and implement changes that achieve, maintain and support the highest levels of safety across all areas of your site. 

In more recent months, our expertise and services have helped so many of our clients to achieve Covid Secure workplaces

Along with daily cleaning, we have helped clients to introduce additional measures and increase the frequency of their cleaning to ensure ‘around the clock cleaning conformance’. 


Delivering Efficiencies 

Through implementing new and innovative cleaning processes, we are able to deliver a variety of efficiencies for our clients. 

With dedicated and professionally trained operatives who work around you to achieve the highest levels of safety and cleanliness, we can help to save you valuable time. 

Our unique site management process also enables us to identify areas where changes can be made to either increase or decrease the frequency and type of cleaning required in each space across your site, which can save time, money and improve your standards. 


The Fidelis Way

We are always investing in new equipment, as well as continually looking at ways in which we can develop our already effective processes further to achieve even better standards and deliver greater efficiencies for the client. 

Here are just a few examples of the current processes and equipment we use with clients. 


Reach & Wash System

Window cleaning and maintenance is key in helping to keep your site looking immaculate.

The traditional method of window cleaning which often sees an operative scaling a ladder with a bucket and cleaning by hand creates an increased level of risk as they are cleaning at height. 

Unlike this, our Reach and Wash System is conducted at ground level and uses equipment that is safer for the individual. 

It also enables windows to be cleaned in a shorter period of time and better quality results than traditional methods as we use purified water to help improve the finish. 


Sky Vacs

Attention to detail is vital in achieving and maintaining the best impression of your business and this should include the cleaning of hard to reach areas, such as suspended ceilings and light fixtures. 

Although these may not be at eye level, when left uncared for they can quickly become noticeable for all the wrong reasons. 

Our Sky Vacs enable our operatives to clean these hard to reach and high areas around your building with ease. 

Replacing the ladder and duster approach, our Sky Vacs are long pole vacuums that can clean these areas at ground level, helping to mitigate health and safety risks whilst providing a quality finish. 


Wide Vacs 

Particularly in large open plan spaces such as your commercial offices, regular maintenance of your carpets is essential to maintain a quality condition and appearance.

Your traditional tub vac (such as Henry Hoover) is both labour intensive and increases the time required to vacuum these large spaces. 

Our Wide Vacs enable our operatives to provide a quick and effective service in comparison to tub vacs. 

They are also battery powered, meaning there are no electrical leads that create risks such as trips and falls, helping to make this process safer for the operative. 


Flat Mopping

A final example of our unique and innovative cleaning equipment and processes is our Flat Mopping. 

This method is ideal to be used within environments such as school dining halls, sports halls and other open areas with hard flooring. 

Traditional methods of cleaning these spaces have involved sweeping with a brush to remove debris, followed by a mop and bucket to then clean the flooring. 

Our Flat Mopping method combines the two; a flat mop to remove dust, food and other debris and a scrubber dryer that provides a much deeper clean. 

This helps to significantly reduce the time required to clean your floors, helping to improve efficiencies. 

If you would like to discuss how Fidelis can help you achieve and maintain a conforming workplace and improve efficiencies, get in touch.

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