Health and well-being has become a big topic and focus in recent years, not only in society in general, but across all areas of business. A clean environment is imperative to creating a desirable place to work.

Staff health and well-being is a key focus for businesses across all sectors and we are seeing it increasingly playing an integral role across the core sectors we work in, including manufacturing and industry, medical, education, the motor trade and professional services

No matter what sector, size or type of business you are, your most valuable asset will always be the team of staff you have delivering the work of your organisation. 

Therefore it is vital that you maintain a clean, healthy and welcoming environment to ensure they can continue the great work they do. 

If your staff are happy and healthy, they will be more productive, therefore helping you to grow your business and improve the bottom line. 


Staff retention 

A clean and healthy work environment will help you to improve staff retention. Your team will value a welcoming working environment, providing them with a clean and comfortable space to work. Improving retention helps to reduce disruption and the cost of recruiting and training new staff. 

Maintaining high levels of hygiene and regular cleaning will also reduce the spread of bacteria and infection, reducing the risk of illness and in turn the cases of staff absence, which can prove a costly issue for organisations. 

The level of care you provide to your employees can also be a huge ‘pull’ factor, drawing new people to your company, helping your business to grow and bring in people with fresh and innovative ideas.


Inspiring creativity 

It won’t come as a surprise that an untidy and cluttered workspace simply does not inspire individuals to produce their best quality work. 

A clean and healthy workspace on the other hand has the completely opposite effect – after all, ‘a tidy space = a tidy mind’. 

When your business has a clean and innovative workspace where your staff can flourish, creativity and productivity is sure to follow. 


Happy staff

Through maintaining a clean environment for your staff, you are creating a workspace that people enjoy and look forward to working in. 

This positive and productive atmosphere helps to foster a culture of belonging amongst your employees, whilst demonstrating the responsibility you have for your staff and your belief in the value they bring to your business.  


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