A day in the life of … Carl Cassidy, Site Manager

How long have you been with Fidelis?

I have been working for Fidelis since May 2019, when I transitioned across from a previous business when Fidelis took over the contract at Arconic, still keeping the same role.


Describe your role in one sentence?

I am a Site Manager responsible for a team of 14 operatives, providing a range of daily cleaning services to help our clients maintain clean, hygienic and immaculate sites. 


Why did you feel Fidelis was the right place for you?

You could say that I didn’t necessarily choose to start working for Fidelis due to the circumstances of my move, but I definitely did choose to continue working for them due to the type of company that they are. 

Fidelis very quickly made me feel like part of the family and due to the culture, opportunities and benefits they offer I felt like I could really flourish working for them. 

Having been in the cleaning trade for over 30 years, including running my own business, Fidelis have made it possible for me to utilise this knowledge and expertise in a role which I enjoy and are always open to hearing my ideas and opinion. 

Unfortunately due to an illness, I needed to take time off from work but they were so helpful and supportive. To me, this demonstrates their culture, values and duty of care to the team – they are definitely a people first company.


How do Fidelis compare to previous roles / companies?

All of the team listen to each member of staff and you really feel valued. Your ideas and opinions are welcome and acknowledged. 

There is also a great support network right through the company and they provide a great level of safeguarding with health and safety measures and regular training.


What is the most challenging element of your role?

No two days are the same in my role which can present its own challenges. 

One day I could be walking around a site with a client to conduct evaluations and the next I could be delivering tool box talks to the team to ensure they are updated on developments and helping to ensure the best results for our clients. This makes my role really varied and exciting. 

The most challenging part of my role can be a client’s expectations but when we get the results and go above and beyond for a client, it is really rewarding. 


Do you think Fidelis and your current role have enhanced your personal development? How?

Fidelis has 100% helped me to develop as a person, providing a helping hand whenever it is needed, answering any questions I may have and supporting me on both a professional and personal level.  

The management processes have also helped me make a huge step forward in how I work with my team. 


How would you describe Fidelis to a friend or colleague?

Over the years I have been working in the industry, I have never known a company that actually listens to their staff. Fidelis provide a proper support network for their team and value each and every member of the Fidelis family.

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