Do you require additional daily housekeeping as you prepare to welcome people back?

As the country is opening up and restrictions are being lifted, many organisations are preparing to welcome more staff back on site. How can additional daily housekeeping help you to maintain clean and safe environments?

We have recently discussed what the future of cleaning could look like post-pandemic in a blog, where we highlighted how a more preventative approach to cleaning will be essential to prevent future surges and effectively manage the risk of the spread of infection. 

Through introducing additional housekeeping across your organisation, you are able to take a more preventative approach and really get the most out of your cleaning. 

Put simply, additional housekeeping will involve regular cleaning, disinfection and sanitisation across your entire site. 

This service enables you to bolster your existing cleaning strategy with enhanced regimes, which will be critical in order to welcome back staff, clients and visitors to your site safely. 

Cleaning Conformance

Additional housekeeping also enables you to maximise your spend and assign additional cleaning to areas where it is most needed. 

This is particularly invaluable moving forward, as it allows you to quickly mitigate risks should you identify any areas of concern, and then you can reduce the level of service needed after the issues have been handled. 

Covering all areas of your site, from your offices and reception area through to washrooms, canteens and other facilities, additional housekeeping will enable you to maintain the highest levels of safety across your site as we emerge from Covid-19 and move forward.  

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