Our offices are the window into our business and it’s a fact that first impressions count. Commercial office cleaning gives a good impression. What we see with our eyes, our brains start to form an impression within as little as a tenth of a second of what we think about that business. That visual impression alerts our senses, so presenting a clean, safe environment delivers an impact and sets the scene for everything else that follows. In this blog, we’re focusing on three ways that our commercial office premises cleaning promotes a positive first impression that lasts.

Commercial office cleaning, whether it’s the everyday or an emergency

Delivering a lasting first impression in your commercial office is essential for your business. We partner with you to maintain spotless working environments for your team. This sits at the core of building your brand and enhancing your reputation amongst staff and clients. An inviting environment for your staff to work in aids productivity, boosts motivation and encourages them to excel. We take careful consideration around the perception you want to portray to your clients and potential clients, providing the appropriate commercial office cleaning and housekeeping services. With everything from daily housekeeping to deep cleaning, and from regular tasks to emergencies, we’ve got you covered. And we won’t overlook cleaning any public car parks, to maintain the company image and a safe working environment.

We work at times to suit your business. We work seamlessly alongside your staff during office hours, and you can count our trained and vetted cleaning operatives as part of your team. But of course, we’ll also support you outside of the normal working day, especially when we need to undertake a deep clean. We believe that effective communication is at the heart of our first-class service. As such, we regularly keep contact with you and conduct electronic audits every four weeks as a minimum. Check out some more information about our commercial cleaning services here: https://www.fidelisgroup.co.uk/service/daily-cleaning-housekeeping/

Here are three areas where our commercial office cleaning services help you to provide clean and safe environments promoting health and wellbeing:

  1. Washrooms

Everyone has the right to basic human needs such as toileting and sanitation. In the workplace, workers tend to feel undervalued by a dirty washroom, while visitors will certainly be concerned about a business’s eye for detail and lack of commitment to provide welcoming clean and serviced facilities. Daily washroom cleaning and supply for both your staff and customer toilets ensures that you maintain a high level of cleanliness and hygiene and are committed to providing clean and safe washroom environments. Our trained operatives always use the right products at the correct dilution, to avoid residues that encourage re-soiling which can be a slip hazard and can damage surfaces over time. They will also apply correct cleaning processes and methodology, ensuring best practice for effective cleaning. They follow colour coding guidelines to reduce the risk of cross contamination, and always follow the “clean to dirty” path when cleaning to minimise cross contamination. We’ll also supply and replenish all necessary consumables such as hand soap, hand sanitiser, and paper products.

  • Floor cleaning

Our extensive range of floor cleaning services includes offices, meeting rooms, and board rooms, as well as reception areas and entrances. Carpet cleaning and vacuuming of offices and meeting rooms helps to keep well maintained floor space for your staff to work in. Regular quality cleaning of carpet and flooring helps to reduce damage and prolong the lifespan of your investment. In the event of spillages, we’re on hand to clean up. We use a range of cleaning methods for carpets and other flooring, as appropriate for the usage and footfall in the area. And with backpack vacuums and cordless scrubber-dryers, we won’t be creating trip hazards as we clean.

  • Waste management and recycling

Overflowing waste and recycling bins are unsightly and potentially unhygienic. Moreover, failure to provide sufficient bins for each type of waste can lead to inappropriate mixing of waste and contaminated recycling. We can empty waste and recycling bins, using separate colour-coded bags for each type of waste. What’s more, you can rely on us to manage your waste responsibly to help you meet your own environmental goals. We’re an upper-tier licensed waste carrier, and we’re working towards ISO14001, the international standard for environmental management. Check out more information our waste management solutions here.

To find out more about Fidelis Group and our commercial office cleaning services, contact one of the team today.

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Post by Jon Shaw

Jon is Managing Director at Fidelis Contract Services Ltd, a business dedicated to performance and professionalism in contract cleaning. Having been part of Fidelis for four years, and MD since December 2021, Jon knows the value of the company’s staff in building trust for successful long-term partnerships with clients in a range of sectors.

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